Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hella Cheap PDF sale! Limited time!

For a limited time--so limited it could end at any moment--we are offering cheap PDF-format copies of our book titles and cheap 12-issue subscriptions to the PDF edition of the magazine M-Brane SF. These prices are stupid-cheap: $2.00 for the books and $4.00 for the zine subscription. We are doing this as part of Gud Magazine's "First Come First Sale."

Available books are Cesar Torres beautiful collection The 12 Burning Wheels; Derek J. Goodman's stunning quartet of novelettes and novellas, Machina; our LGBT science fiction anthology Things We Are Not; and Ergosphere, the special twelfth issue of the zine guest-edited by Rick Novy.  Additional information about these books is located elsewhere on this site. The buttons below will take you to Pay Pal to order the book selections and the magazine subscription. Allow a day or so for me to process your order (book PDFs and the zine will be delivered by via web links that will be sent to you in email).

BOOKS for $2.00!

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THE MAGAZINE: $4.00 for 12 issues