Monday, November 15, 2010

2020 VISIONS pre-order continues; publication slightly delayed; option to buy it with M-BRANE QUARTERLY

We expected today to be release day for 2020 Visions, the incredible anthology of near-future sf edited by Rick Novy (more info here). My own "real life" schedule, however, afforded us some unexpected opportunities for delay. Anyway, it's going up to the printer tomorrow, which means we'll likely see it for sale on Amazon and probably some other places by end of the month. While any further delay is a disappointment, there is a silver lining or two: we will extend the pre-order special and add another attractive way to obtain this book (rest of this post is to be read in TV pitch-man tone):

1) Order 2020 Visions NOW! using this Pay Pal button below for only $13.95 [ FREE SHIPPING!] and get for FREE a one-year subscription to the electronic edition (PDF) of M-Brane SF, the spectacular zine of awesomeness!!

But that's not AALLLLL....!!!

2) Order 2020 Visions this way instead (button below) and get not only the free subscription to M-Brane SF but also a print copy of the astounding M-Brane SF Quarterly #1, the trade paperback collection of the last three months' of the zine's stories, plus some bonus items. ALLLL yours for $19.95!! That's like getting two great books for the price of...about one and a half.

The image is of the full cover (front, back and spine) of 2020 Visions; art by Jonathon Fowler, design by James Fowler.

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