Thursday, December 23, 2010


The inaugural issue of our beautiful new fantasy quarterly Fantastique Unfettered is officially released in print today. Edited by Brandon H. Bell (Aether Age co-creator and M-Brane contributor), FU is a "Periodical of Liberated Literature," all of its content released under a Creative Commons license. As such, we think it is probably unique, and we know of nothing else quite like it. As a physical object, FU #1 is a delight to hold in one's hands. It's lovingly designed and full of terrific artwork to compliment the really amazing writing (11 items fiction and three poems). 

We're using a new printer and distribution system for this first edition of FU, and its availability will probably trickle through the system gradually over the next few days, but it is available right now on the Barnes & Noble site with a sweet discount. Our cover price is $9.95, but it can be had on B&N for $7.01. We can't even sell it that cheaply directly, so we are encouraging everyone to get over there and grab it up. We do not have ebook versions available yet, but will have news of that forthcoming reasonably soon.

Please visit the FU site for more information on the magazine, its content and philosophy. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

2020 VISIONS: We'd like to sell another 100 copies this month

Hi, readers! We know that many, many publishers are vying to get on your holiday shopping list in these final weeks before the end of the year, but may we suggest considering some of the lovely treasures and values available from M-Brane Press? Just published is the stunning 2020 Visions, edited by Rick Novy:

Some storytellers use the distant future as the setting to make fantastic extrapolations and to explore compelling ideas. In this volume, however, the writers look forward a mere decade and present stunning scenarios, reveal exciting possibilities and warn against the harrowing pitfalls that may lie just a few steps ahead of us. What will life be like ten years from now? Sixteen extraordinary writers offer their own mind-bending answers to that questions, their spectacular 2020 Visions...

Authors include Mary Robinette Kowal, Cat Rambo, Alex Wilson, David Gerrold, Jason Ridler, Alethea Kontis and many other geniuses. This is a really good book, y'all. I'd say so even if it wasn't an M-Brane Press title. The premise is very...well, timely, and this is just such a great group of writers. Each story is amazing.

We'd like to sell at least a 100 more copies of it before Christmas. That's really not that many, but it's a reasonable goal and would make us very happy to reach it. We suggest purchasing it from Amazon, where one can take advantage of free shipping on orders of $25 or more. But the book is only $13.95, so to reach that $25 threshold, one might consider adding another M-Brane title. We've created a little shopping list here on Amazon to help out with that.

You might also consider picking up some fine titles (also available on Amazon) from our good friends at Hadley Rille Books (one of the most interesting publishers in the speculative fiction lately) particular The Aether Age! For more information on the amazing The Aether Age, please visit the Aether Age site.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2020 VISIONS released!

The fabulous anthology of near-future sf, edited by Rick Novy, has finally, after a few little production snags, become available to the reading public. It's available as a trade paperback for $13.95 on here on Amazon. Those of you who pre-ordered copies can expect them to ship to you within a few days. Readers who did not pre-order should grab it on Amazon right away and take advantage of "Free Super-Saver Shipping!" on orders of $25.00 or more by also buying this week's other major release, The Aether Age (if I may make a suggestion).

I'm very proud of 2020 Visions and the fine work that editor Rick and all the great authors did for it. It's a very good anthology, and I think people will be duly impressed. Same goes for the amazing Aether Age, so just go ahead and get them both while you're at Amazon!