Monday, March 27, 2017

Free epub copies of INTERSEX BOYS OF VENUS

Ahead of the publication of the next couple installments of Kyler Fey's Commander Jace and the Unsuitable Boys saga--an erotic science fantasy serial of novella-length stories--we are making available complimentary copies of the epub version The Intersex Boys of Venus at this Box link. Box doesn't support previews of epub files, but it downloads just fine.

Kyler Fey's blog also has this information plus a brief excerpt from the story. Kyler's blog is somewhat "NSFW," by the way.

We are close to release of the next installment, which I think is titled Twilight Boys at the Earth's Core! (with the exclamation point, yes) but there has been some discussion over the wording of that title. But I think we're going with it. Kyler discusses the word-choice consideration in another post on his blog, and explains what he likes about his usage of "twilight" in this context.

This other image is a possible, though likely not final, version of the cover for Earth's Core!, and it's based on the design of the cover for The Strange Case of the Tattooed Twink. We may use this basic design, but with a licensed stock photo image of a model (this one is just some random dude from a Tumblr feed).

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