Monday, November 27, 2017

New title from Kyler Fey released

This new title, the fourth episode of Kyler Fey's serial Commander Jace and the Unsuitable Boys is live on Amazon as an ebook today. The first five books of this series are available as ebooks, and the fifth episode is also in paperback in a "double" edition with Fey's One Hundred Times. Like the other installments, The Lust-Virus of Krampack is rich with explicit m/m erotic content set against an elaborate sff backdrop. It is a novella of about 28,000 words.

Readers may recognize the term "krampack" from a play and a film titled Krampack from a few years ago (concerning the sexual awakening of a pair of a teenage boys in Spain). The opening chapter of this novella shows the connection between this "ancient" source material and what's going on in the context of the story. Also, people who know me from pics may think the cover image looks somewhat familiar: yes, it is me. I wasn't intending to use it, but I dropped the image in as a placeholder during formatting and was told that I must use it.

From the new book's description on the site...

…Unbeknownst to Commander Jace, the horny young Venusian “maph” Colin Vorta has agreed to let Doctor Timothy perform a bizarre and exciting modification to his already-astounding body. 
…Before anyone realizes that something strange is happening, the Unsuitable Boys and all the queer male inhabitants of Maya Plaxa and the nearby Kruze Republic are overcome by a singular and undeniable sexual fever. 
…Is this a random accident, or is it part of a plot by the Unsuitable Boys’ implacable enemies? Will they all perish of insatiable desire before they have found a cure for the… 

A thousand years from now and in another history, the Solar System teems with life. Ships sail the aether, linking humanity’s thousands of disparate nations and clades on all the planets and their many moons. Wars flare and fade, conspiracies thrive and then die, loves and lusts burn hotter than the sun. It is the age of the apex of the children of Earth, but in the deep background of the affairs of sprawling humanity, sinister forces, preternatural phenomena, ornate evil, and bizarre schemes reach everywhere. Standing against these, on the side of light, is the super-powerful Commander Jace and his elite (and lusty) cadre of astonishing queer young men…the so-called “Unsuitable Boys.”

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