Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Live today, Kyler Fey's new novella

The new installment of Kyler Fey's gay-erotic science fantasy serial Commander Jace and the Unsuitable Boys is available now on Amazon. Episode #6 The Devious Boy-Ka-Wang of Mars continues the lusty and sometimes lurid and bizarre adventures of Jace Dekka and his coterie of talented young men as they work to unravel and defeat a baroque scheme by a once-defeated but now-resurgent foe, a scheme that may threaten the entire future of humanity. For some comments on this installment's creation and an excerpt that you won't see in the Kindle preview, check out my post from yesterday. This episode includes Trace's return to Mars to seek an alliance with his old lover Prince Carthoris and the prince's army of winged men, as well as a trip by Ando and Timothy to the wilds of the Moon where they meet some of the strangest and possibly most dangerous denizens of the Solar System. Meanwhile, at the Home for Unsuitable Boys, Commander Jace and the remainder of his group are fascinated with a weird game that has appeared on their phones and which is affecting their minds and their libidos. Some threads from earlier episodes are drawn together and the stage is set for the remainder of the saga, which will play out over four more installments. All of this is conveyed by way of a nearly-relentless but highly literate pornography that I have seen few other writers achieve, at least in the mode of "pulp" science fantasy. This is a novella of about 40,000 words, and only $2.99 on Amazon. It will not have a standalone print edition, but it may get one in the form of a "double" with another of Fey's books, and it will most certainly be printed in a second five-volume omnibus after the remaining four books are done (sometime in 2019). The whole series and several unrelated books by this author can be found via the Kyler Fey Amazon Author Page link over to the right of this post.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Kyler Fey's The Boy-Ka-Wang of Mars releases tomorrow; excerpt

As I look ahead to some kind of future for the semi-revived M-Brane Press, I am considering some new projects other than Kyler Fey’s queer speculative erotica—which has been the whole focus since the start of 2017. But for right now, Kyler’s hot, gay and sometimes super-transgressive shit is still what I am all about as we release the Kindle ebook of Episode #6 of his science fantasy serial Commander Jace and the Unsuitable Boys. This new one, which should be live on Amazon by tomorrow, is titled The Devious Boy-Ka-Wang of Mars, and it launches what we have come to think of as the second half of what is intended to be a ten-part serial. 

Anyone who follows Kyler on Twitter may have seen about a thousand tweets about this volume, his nearly incessant raging about the difficulties of its revision. And he was wholly justified in that because this one was a serious pain in the ass to put into its final form—much more so than its five predecessors—because it ended up merging into one narrative most of the pieces of what were originally intended to be two different episodes of the serial, and it was necessary to “retcon” a couple things as we discovered irreconcilable inconsistencies between it and what had already been established in earlier episodes. It also ended up being a novella of about 40,000 words, longer than any of the previous episodes by a few thousand. If this series were planned to run longer than four more books, I might be tempted to assemble some kind of concordance or “bible” for it so that we can easily look things up because this is one seriously fucking complex and (possibly over-) world-built piece of pornographic gay science fantasy. I have, for example, requested no further references to any main characters’ eye colors because I am pretty sure some of them have changed but I can’t figure out where. 

On the other hand, the method of assembling these stories from characters’ journal entries and other found texts within the story’s universe makes it easier to credibly have disagreements one from the other, and this a tactic that has been consciously employed by Kyler since Episode #1 where he shows a backstory for the character Braden but it’s presented as a piece of pornographic fan fiction about him. In the new episode, he extends this notion a bit further and includes a passage that is a prose description of one of Ethan’s comic books, which itself is derived from a piece of fan fiction about these very characters on an alternate universe Archive of Our Own. That segment is followed immediately by the following excerpt, which refers to a series of the clairvoyant Ethan's delirious artwork. I was not sure if I wanted to share this piece here because I think it’s a small and lovely dark jewel late in the book that I’d like readers to find on their own. But it appears that Kyler posted a slightly different draft of it on his Tumblr a while back anyway. This will make zero sense to anyone who has not read of any of the previous episodes, and it is not even typical of what to expect in this new book, but it seems to me to scream the underlying tone of The Boy-Ka-Wang of Mars

From Episode #6...

But that comic book-like set of drawings is just a distraction, something to stiffen the dicks of some of those readers who have dicks, or perhaps dampen the pussies of women who like images of cartoonish male-on-male fucking, but with no major impact on our story. But this one is quite different:
It’s another comic book of sorts, but this one is richer with its paints and pencils and charcoals and glitter, and the panels are enormous. Also unlike the previous one, it does not tell an obvious story. Its panels have the look of things that go together, but each one is its own statement:
The dorsal spines of a reptilian monster, like a gargantuan dimetrodon the size of a hill, cast lance-like shadows on a grey marshy field, but the shadows don’t quite match the spines because they show something in silhouette that does not appear to be part of those spines. If one view these shadows through a magnifier, one can see the black shapes of naked human males with curved arm-length penises, and they are probably impaled on the shadow-spines. In the sky above them dark haze-forms remind one of bat wings.
A naked male form with enormous erect wings, like a Martian angel, kneels on a shiny floor, his impossibly long penis lying in coils on that floor between his knees as if it is several feet of sausage, its head emerging like that of a snake and spilling a foaming froth of juice. Testicles the size of fists depending above it, squeezed forward by the man’s thick thighs.
Perhaps a self-portrait, a nude boy that looks a lot like Ethan, but his nipples are rendered as pink spirals that wind out over his chest and his navel appears to contain a cat-like eye. What at first looks like an illegible mess of paint where his penis should be, on closer examination, gives the viewer this horrible impression: that his penis has been severed but then re-inserted head-first into a makeshift hole carved into his pelvis. His head floats detached above the stump of his neck and from that neck erupts a murky speech balloon, more like a cloud, and the tiny text inside it says “Can you hear my song? A-STAR!”
Another portrait with a recognizable figure in it: Trace stands like a colossus astride what may be Kasei Vallis on Mars, but he has four arms—his real ones plus another pair that extends from his back and reaches around his body like they could be wings if they were feathered. He has two penises, side-by-side, bowing out away from each other and so long they would be over a meter long if they were in proportion to real Trace’s body. Each leaks a rain of slime, and in the pool that this supernatural cum forms, swim dozens of tiny naked lads, each with Martian angel wings erupting from their backs and long sperm-like tails writhing from their asses.
A trio of naked white boys, solid black eyes so closely set that they nearly touch, ears that look like lilies, arms that terminate not in hands but in the foreskin-shrouded heads of penises, while where their penises should be one sees instead what looks like a clawed finger. Their torsos are studded from their Adam’s apples to their pubic thatches with tiny stakes, each one drawing a rivulet of blood, a dozen or more stabbing the chests and bellies of each of these strange lads. But after a few moments of examining these details, it starts to seem like at least some of the blood rivulets are curling into letters, spelling out words. If one were to look long enough—though one never does—one might see these phrases: Aaron Fruit Demolition Sucks My Fat Dirty Cock, Fuck and Kill the Boy-Ka-Wang of Mars, Ethan Sucks the A-Star Into His Cunt, Brother-Fuckers K and K Have Poison Cum for Blood, Zane Must Eat My Hot Faggot Heart with Only His Bare Fingers and Soft Lips, Tiphon Tong/Tong Tiphon/Tong SHIT! Will Eat Jace’s Log, Stake the Dirty Draku Cocksuckers in Beds of Their Native Soil, Ethan’s Super-Cum Makes Angels, Twinky Terran Teen Fag Ass-Raped by 6 Martian Frat Angels on Cam LIVE!…and even more. In fact, if anyone had ever to this day studied this image closely enough and for a long enough time, then they’d probably have found hundreds of these messages embedded in it. But because no one ever did, neither did anyone ever divine any of their meanings. 

And this one: three-d fruit shapes, craggy versions of the icons from a phone game float in a yellow space and among them drift penis-hammers: the shafts are the handles and the ballsacks are the hammer heads. At the bottom of the panel lies a cartoon male who looks passably like Jace Dekka. He lies on his back and grips in both fists a livid purple erection taller than his body is long. From this cock erupts a silvery flow of jizz that winds upward through the image, as if solving a maze among the fruit blocks and the penis-hammers until it reaches a hazy spacey patch near the top of the picture where a sphere clouded by coppery wires seems to absorb the cum-flow. A diffuse ring of wriggling sperm cells seems to encircle the sphere and within it is more of Ethan’s tiny text: Welcome to Asteroid Sperm-X, Commander Cum-Factory!”