Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Live today, Kyler Fey's new novella

The new installment of Kyler Fey's gay-erotic science fantasy serial Commander Jace and the Unsuitable Boys is available now on Amazon. Episode #6 The Devious Boy-Ka-Wang of Mars continues the lusty and sometimes lurid and bizarre adventures of Jace Dekka and his coterie of talented young men as they work to unravel and defeat a baroque scheme by a once-defeated but now-resurgent foe, a scheme that may threaten the entire future of humanity. For some comments on this installment's creation and an excerpt that you won't see in the Kindle preview, check out my post from yesterday. This episode includes Trace's return to Mars to seek an alliance with his old lover Prince Carthoris and the prince's army of winged men, as well as a trip by Ando and Timothy to the wilds of the Moon where they meet some of the strangest and possibly most dangerous denizens of the Solar System. Meanwhile, at the Home for Unsuitable Boys, Commander Jace and the remainder of his group are fascinated with a weird game that has appeared on their phones and which is affecting their minds and their libidos. Some threads from earlier episodes are drawn together and the stage is set for the remainder of the saga, which will play out over four more installments. All of this is conveyed by way of a nearly-relentless but highly literate pornography that I have seen few other writers achieve, at least in the mode of "pulp" science fantasy. This is a novella of about 40,000 words, and only $2.99 on Amazon. It will not have a standalone print edition, but it may get one in the form of a "double" with another of Fey's books, and it will most certainly be printed in a second five-volume omnibus after the remaining four books are done (sometime in 2019). The whole series and several unrelated books by this author can be found via the Kyler Fey Amazon Author Page link over to the right of this post.

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