Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Fey's JACE series continues with a bizarre possession tale

In this new "episode" of Commander Jace and the Unsuitable Boys, Kyler Fey compounds his usual mix of elaborately wacky science fiction and dirty-hot gay erotica with supernatural creepiness in a way that makes his whole universe strain raucously and kinkily against its walls and hinges. In this volume, while some questions are answered, new mysteries are indicated, and one gets the sense that this series is headed toward an incredible and wholly unpredictable climax. The Dirty Punk Exorcist, a novella of about 30,000 words, is the seventh of ten planned episodes.

Summary: For months, Ethan has been transfixed by a terrifying vision of awesome destruction from the core of the galaxy, dreaming of it and rendering it in ink and paint hundreds of time. Now it has overtaken his mind and body, possessing him utterly. Desperate to rescue his young husband from this horrifying fugue, Zane falls back on his old faith and summons an exorcist from the Cult Cthulhu. Meanwhile Braden undertakes a dangerous telepathic experiment, pulling his own consciousness and Ethan’s into the distant past. Against this background of preternatural possession and exorcism—and dark lust—Commander Jace Dekka faces the possible end of their world as they know it, and he makes first contact with his family’s lethal arch-enemy.

This one has been a long time coming, over six months after episode #6 of the series, when we had intended publication for last October. The author had some major interruptions of his writing time, however, due to life events, and he also decided to rebuild the thing almost from scratch, taking most of what had been written a long time ago and making that the framing story for a trippy riff on the founding document of demonic possession fiction, William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist. As Zane and a priest from the Cult Cthulhu try to pull Ethan out of the grip of a mysterious cosmic force, Braden goes at the problem from another angle, using his uncanny telepathy to pull a piece of Ethan's consciousness with him into an hallucination of the distant past...the year 1973 in Saint Louis. Meanwhile, Jace confronts the larger strategic situation of his world and has a hitherto unheard of direct encounter with the leader of his deadly arch-foe, the Tong Tiphon; and Timothy struggles with the primal nature that was awoken in him during his recent mission to the Moon. 

While we feel that the books in this serial can be enjoyed separately as stand-alone novellas, this new one is more of a direct sequel to its immediately preceding volume than has been the case with the others, and it picks up some threads going back to episodes #2 and #5. In order to help readers who have not read those installments but who still want to read this one, I decided to include a little recap of the end of #6 as a prologue to this installment, and I edited in a handful of pieces of information from past episodes here and there in a hopefully non-intrusive way.

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